The ultimate goal of Elite Auditing Consultants at every level of our organization shall be to ensure at all times, throughout every phase of job operation, the health and safety of our own employees, the client employees and the employees of every sub-contractor.
Elite Auditing Consultants has implemented a HS&E System for the purpose of ensuring:

  • Safe work practices and processes for the protection of our employees.
  • The safety of personnel and colleagues while on the job.
  • Employee compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Safe Operations for the security of our clients’ investments

Elite Auditing Consultants aims to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Our goal is to prevent occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses, and to ensure at all times throughout every phase of the job operation, the health and safety of our employees. Elite Auditing’s upper management team is committed to the HS&E System and the growth of our safety culture. In order to remain in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with client standards, Elite Auditing Consultants HS&E Department offers the following services:

  • Awareness level industry and job specific training for all employees.
  • Ensure newly-hired employees and consultants have and maintain their required trainings, certifications and PPE.
  • Ensure employees and consultants are made aware of company and client policies & procedures and enforce stop work authority.
  • Compliance and grade "A” status with all clients through our vendor management systems: ISNetworld and PEC Premier.

Employee Awareness & Training

Employees are required to pass and maintain certification for all training courses related to their specific role as determined by company policy and client standards. Elite Auditing’s HS&E Department provides employees with training through third-party training providers in addition to in-house safety awareness meetings.

Vendor Management Systems
We are a committed and active member of ISNetworld (ISN) and PEC Premier, which are all vendor management systems that Elite Auditing maintains compliance with in order to meet all client standards and regulations. Currently, Elite Auditing Consultants maintains high rankings with all clients.